SEO & Google – What is Over Optimization?

Over Optimization & How It Will Kill Your Search Traffic

Over optimization might well be defined as trying too hard to rank well in Google search. There are two fundamentals that manifest themselves as classic over optimisation; Too high on-page keyword density and too high off-page, exact match anchor text density.

Either one of these will trigger ranking drops or total exclusion from Google’s search results. In many cases, including your primary keywords too many times within your page content will just result in low rankings, whereas over optimized backlink anchor text is a much more powerful indicator for Google to identify a backlink profile that you have tried to manipulate to improve your rankings.

If all of your links are completely natural then Google will expect to see the bulk of your links being Brand and URL variations. By bulk, we mean 85-90%.

The remainder of your links should be junk text (click for more, read more here, etc) and then a few longtail anchors that contain your primary keywords, or variations of them. Check your backlink profile with and you will then know what links you need to increase your rankings and climb online.

Less is More

While under optimization is just as damaging for your rankings, there is a sweet spot in between where your on-page keyword density for your main keywords is around 1 – 2% and your backlink exact match for your primary keywords doesn’t exceed 1% (although this of course will vary depending on several factors including; your URL and whether it contains your keywords, page length, associated keyword usage, etc).

seo¬≥ Search Engine Optimization Bedfordshire Whenever you feel like adding another EMT (exact match text anchor link) make it a URL, empty image or junk link and your site’s baclink profile will look more natural and give you a greater benefit in SERP’s.

Backlink anchor text profiling is a specialist process because their are so many variables involved that can affect your rankings. Leading SEO consultants Deeho can conduct a complete website review to show you the current backlink issues you have as well as providing a strategy for future link building to let you outrank your competitors in the shortest time possible.