Holidays and Airports

Holidays and Getting Through the Airport Unscathed

To many of us going on our holidays, one of the major hurdles to overcome, is getting through the airport trauma and maintaining the mild sense of euphoria, anticipation and all-round good vibe that the occasion would seem to merit.

Going on holiday is hopefully a time that we look forward to for some rest and relaxation, perhaps some exploration, experience, sport or pastimes that just don’t come our way home in Continue reading “Holidays and Airports”

Solar Power & Renewables

Renewable Solar Power

The quest for practical energy renewables is driving technology advances in solar power, wind and wave power as well as hydroelectric energy generation.

As we move away from carbon fuels towards green alternatives, a great many engineering challenges lie ahead.

While the principles of electric vehicles, solar powered homes, wind farms and the like are all well and good in principle, in practice there are gaps in the technology provision that mean battery life, storage of generated energy at a large scale and of course Continue reading “Solar Power & Renewables”

Speeding and Smart Motorways

Smart-ish Motorways

Perhaps it’s my age, the generation of drivers that I come from, or perhaps I am just plain old stubborn about accepting change, but there’s something happening to our motorways that does not sit well, they got smart.

I have driven for many years and clocked up many miles, a fair proportion of these on motorways. Over time, the number of vehicles on our roads has risen inexorably and until the next revolution in transportation happens, will not reduce.

Certainly, the motorway system is nearing saturation, but is the answer in the development of the “smart” motorway? I sincerely hope not.

This system of speed/lane control, I find pretty stressful to concentrate on Continue reading “Speeding and Smart Motorways”

SEO & Google – What is Over Optimization?

Over Optimization & How It Will Kill Your Search Traffic

Over optimization might well be defined as trying too hard to rank well in Google search. There are two fundamentals that manifest themselves as classic over optimisation; Too high on-page keyword density and too high off-page, exact match anchor text density.

Either one of these will trigger ranking drops or total exclusion from Google’s search results. In many cases, including your primary keywords too many times within your page content will just result in low rankings, whereas over optimized backlink anchor text is a much more powerful indicator for Google to Continue reading “SEO & Google – What is Over Optimization?”

Hydraulics & The Power Of Pressurised Fluids

The Power Of Hydraulics

History can point out that the potential power of pushing against, or trying to compress, liquids has been around as long as an oar has been put in the water, or the power of the water mill was harnessed.

However, what powers, or empowers so much of our modern lives lies is hydraulics, as discovered and enshrined by one Blaise Pascal.

Pascal was a French scientist, inventor and mathematician, a child prodigy and in his relatively short life made many scientific and mathematical discoveries and conclusions.

One of these, of passing interest to him, became enshrined as Pascal’s Law and it was his conclusion that Continue reading “Hydraulics & The Power Of Pressurised Fluids”